Monday, July 8, 2013

Carnival of Space, Week #309!

Welcome to the 309th Carnival of Space! This is my fifth time hosting the Carnival; you can find my first Carnival here, my second carnival here, my third carnival here, and my fourth carnival here

The Carnival is a weekly round-up of space stories from around the internet. If you've got a space-related blog, you too can join the Carnival of Space. Email carnivalofspace at gmail dot com to host, share a story you wrote, and to get to know other space bloggers!


Urban Astronomer shares news of Scopex 2013, a telescope and astronomy expo starting July 20th in Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Next Big Future features a recently released study demonstrating that the number of potentially habitable planets orbiting red dwarfs may be double what we previously believedAlso over at Next Big Future there's news from the United Kingdom: funding proposals are moving forward for a super-fast, prototype rocket plane, the Skylon.

Chandra X-Ray Observatory has posted some dazzling photos of supernovas, along with a few interesting facts that scientists have learned about these explosions.


We've found some odd new rocks on Mars... the Meridiani Journal shares photos and speculation on these "weird bubble" formations.

Astroblog features some beautiful photos of the Aurora Australis taken last month in Australia and Tasmania. Astroblog also shares the names of Pluto's most recently discovered moons, and features a story on the Asteroid 5099 Iainbanks!

The Venus Transit recalls the history of Israel's first satellite launch, which occurred 52 years ago last week.

Universe Today reports that there's a risk that landing a spacecraft on an asteroid could create an avalanche.

Links Through Space shares news of the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science. It's the annual meeting of the European Astronomical Society, occurring this week in Finland!

Source: Tumblr.

Thanks to all of this week's excellent posters! Stay tuned for next week's Carnival, over at the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Blog...